What makes a good recruitment partner?

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In today’s environment it is not enough to simply offer a “good” service to clients. The war for business is on, and that is part of the reason why here at PPS we are committed to providing an unrivalled service to our recruitment partners. This blog will detail what our idea of an outstanding recruitment partner looks like and how we implement this on a day to day basis.

  • Securing your brand – we ensure all candidates that apply to roles for any of our clients are acknowledged within 48 hours of receiving their applications. We also ensure that every single candidate has an outcome within 7 days. It is known that when candidates go through a poor recruitment process, it can have a detrimental effect on an organisation’s brand. In a recent survey conducted by SHL, 18% of candidates said that their recruitment experience had been so bad that it had stopped them doing business with the company as a result – a figure that rose to 28% for those aged 25 to 34.
  • Sophisticated assessment – matching skills on a CV and having a brief chat with an applicant is never enough, yet this is exactly the service that many clients pay recruitment agencies thousands of pounds for. At PPS we assess an applicant’s behaviours, competencies and cultural fit using our own, proven assessment process. The outcome is a very short-list of applicants who are all a close fit to our client requirements.
  • Retention – Recruitment is only part of the story. The PPS assessment process isn’t designed just to find the right fit for the interview process, or the first few weeks of the job. Our aim is to significantly reduce turnover at the organisations that we recruit for, by ensuring that the candidates that we recruit will add value for a long time to come.
  • Drive – at PPS we are enthusiastic about the roles we play as recruiters rather than salesmen. Unlike typical recruitment agencies, we are not targeted and we do not receive commission for placements. We are therefore extremely honest with our clients and only send over candidates who we genuinely feel would be an asset and perform well in the job in question. We hold a genuine interest in the success of our clients’ business and we enforce this by providing them with only the best candidates in the field.
  • Reliability and commitment – PPS value the business of our clients and to prove this we act as a reliable and committed recruitment partner. We have SLAs in place to ensure we get back to our clients within certain timeframes and we commit to being on call to our clients whenever they need us. We go out of our way to get the work done and if this means working extra hours, taking time out of our evening to speak to candidates then we are more than willing to do so.
  • Know the industry and specialisms, embrace the culture of the organisation and keep abreast of changes – to ensure we are acting as responsible representatives we embrace our clients’ business and do all we can to keep up with current changes in their industry and organisation. We like to spend time networking with other HR professionals and other people in the industry to find out about developments in our clients’ field, finding out about movements in similar companies and meeting with potential leads or candidates. During the initial stages of the partnership we endeavor to spend as much time with recruiting managers as possible and will visit their premises regularly throughout the partnership to ensure we keep abreast of any organisational changes.

Recruitment is a competitive world. At PPS we ensure that we maintain our competitive edge, so that in recruiting, you can keep yours.

By Kate Harris – Account Manager at Recruitment Process Outsourcer PPS

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  1. davebeesley says:

    As a fellow recruiter at PPS, I can’t agree more with Kate’s comments.

    We’ve all job hunted in the past, and I imagine many of us have spoken to recruiters who really aren’t that bothered about the vacancy or organisation that they are representing. Throughout my time with PPS, it’s been refreshing to work with people who do just the opposite.

    Our motivation as recruitment experts is to provide our clients with something different; a superior service. We embrace your brand, guide and support your hiring managers in all aspects of HR, and ensure that your future talent receives the best recruitment and selection experience.

    This is a topic we’re all passionate about at PPS – so do get in touch with your questions or remarks.

    Dave Beesley – Resource Consultant at Recruitment Process Outsourcer PPS

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