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PPS Housing Challenge

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
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Homeless International Logo

Homeless International is a British charity dedicated to supporting slum dwellers in the developing world by improving their living conditions, providing basic services and finding lasting solutions to their poverty. Homeless International works by supporting community-led projects and initiatives related to slum development across 11 countries throughout Africa and Asia.

One billion people currently live in slums and this number is expected to increase to 1.4 billion by 2020, without the continuous help and support of Homeless International and its members.

Homeless International was founded by Housing Associations and professionals in the sector in 1987. As a socially responsible RRO and Managed Service provider to the industry, PPS appreciate the complex issue of social housing and homelessness and as a result, wanted to raise awareness of the impressive support the charity provides.

On Thursday 12th May, PPS together with Homeless International hosted a very successful charity event in which key contacts within the industry, including Housing Association clients and suppliers, came along to support the cause and spread understanding of the importance of the charity.

Click here to read more about PPS’ Housing Challenge

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Come on candidates, help yourselves!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
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Example Online Application Form QuestionHere at PPS we recruit for many different positions, but one thing they all have in common is candidates who fall at the first hurdle by not helping themselves.

Whilst recently assessing online forms for a Graduate scheme, I was amazed by the number of candidates who missed out sections completely or had clearly copied and pasted answers from other online applications – in some cases not even changing the company name from one application to the next!

So why do so many online applications go unchecked? Granted it does take time to fill them in, however in this particular example the applicants in question were on course for good degree results, had demonstrated strong work experience and extra-curricular activities, yet did not take the time to review their application to ensure it read well to their potential future employer.

On then contacting these candidates to conduct pre-arranged telephone interviews (at a time to suit them), I was also surprised at the absence rate. If you’ve arranged a telephone interview why wouldn’t you be there at the agreed time? Maybe emergencies are on the increase?!

I’m sure this may be a sign of my age… Read more here

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Job Applications – What is a good response to candidates?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
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The economic recession has of course had a major impact upon the area of employment. The number of people applying for jobs has increased dramatically, making the whole application process even more competitive than ever before.

Job Applications – What is a good response to candidates?

Due to the increased amount of applications employers are receiving, it appears many companies are struggling to review the applications and respond accordingly, with some companies not providing a response to job applications at all! Is this really fair or reasonable?

A study of 1,600 jobseekers conducted by SHL, discovered that the biggest issue for candidates was being ignored by employers following applications. Nearly half of respondents stated that not being told if they had been successful was their top concern, followed by 39 per cent stating they found a lack of feedback on applications frustrating. A further 36 per cent were concerned that companies did not even provide an acknowledgement for their applications.

How hard can it be to let an applicant know that you have received their CV? Read more here…

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