How PPS helps the candidate experience

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As an RPO company, client service is at the forefront of our philosophy.  We aim to provide our clients with an exceptional service that will enable us to forge strong relationships and build partnerships that stand the test of time.  But when we talk about clients, not only do we talk of the companies we work with but also the candidates that we come in to contact with on a day to day basis.

In today’s current economic environment, the task of finding the perfect job can feel relentless to many.  As both professional recruiters and ambassadors to our clients’ brands, we need to ensure that the recruitment process is not only one that is painless but even one that seeks to add value to candidates and their application experience.  It’s all about making them feel welcome, valued and well-informed.

Here at PPS, we have implemented a number of initiatives to help facilitate a smooth and pleasurable experience.  We have tailor made applicant tracking systems that meet the needs of each client, which in turn leads to a more streamlined recruitment process for our candidates.  It provides timely automated responses to keep candidates aware of where they are in the process at all times and even allows for them to schedule themselves in for an interview.  We also design micro-sites for each client which allows candidates to have easy access to information on the roles and company they are applying to.

What is also important is that candidates have that personal touch so that they feel “cared” for and valued.  All of our candidates that pass the initial stage of the process are sent “hints and tips” prior to any telephone or face to face interview / selection centre that they attend.  This gives them an idea of what to expect and also helps them to prepare to the best of their ability.  They are given a brief over the telephone and they have a dedicated number to call should they have any queries.  The day before they are attending their interview / selection centre they receive a “good luck” call which is often received with thanks and gratitude.

After they have attended their interview they are provided with in-depth feedback whether they have been successful in obtaining a position or not.  During the call, candidates are provided with recommendations to further aide their development and increase their chances of performing to a higher standard the next time they are in a similar situation.

It is important when planning the process that the needs of the candidate are kept at the forefront of the design.  If, as a recruiter, you have facilitated a seamless and pleasurable process for candidates then they should be left with a positive feeling about the organisation, whether they have been appointed or not.

Written by Kate Harris, an Account Manager at PPS Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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