Graduate Recruitment : the only way is up?

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According to research by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, almost 40 per cent of employers are planning to raise graduate recruitment this year.

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Graduate recruitment is on the up with 40% of employers planning to raise their graduate intake this year.

So, students and graduates across the UK should be sighing with relief into a mug of tea, right?

But no, even in the midst of positivity, undergraduates are still not looking at their employment future with rose-tinted glasses, with only 50 percent saying they are confident about being employed after graduation, according to a survey conducted by Target Jobs in April.

Do you think that graduates should feel positive about their future job prospects? Have your say in our poll!

Written by Hannah Adkins, Marketing Executive at PPS.

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  1. davebeesley says:

    So the job market isn’t bursting with vacancies, but for smart-thinking graduates with a positive attitude, and a strong motivation to put valuable time and effort into completing applications and assessment days, there is definitely hope.

    Make sure you research the company that you are applying for, and ask yourself (or even the recruitment team) what it is that they are actually looking for in its latest intake of grads.

    Make your application stand out from the competition (but also relevant to the company and job). Make sure you brush up on your interview skills too – as an interviewer, there is nothing more disheartening than speaking to a candidate who can’t answer a competency based question in a structured manner (research the STAR approach via a Google search).

    A placement year can also support graduates in obtaining work after graduation, and for those that don’t have the opportunity to complete one via their degree should consider completing some voluntary work to bulk out their CV.

    So in summary, yes it’s more competetive than ever – but come on graduates; you’re smart – put the work in, and I can guarantee you that your hard work will pay off!

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