Organisations and the wider society

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Organisations are having to put social value at the heart of what they do. For public sector organisations it is now a part of the procurement fundamentals and for private companies any brand is now expected to show how they also are giving back to society as well as making a profit.

Being seen to be involved in society and making a difference attracts people to work with an organisation and it has been a value that needs consideration. The vast majority of graduates score an organisation’s corporate responsibility as being very high on their list of must-haves when choosing organisation to work for. 86% of global consumers also believe that businesses need to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on business’ interests.

The backlash from recent economic events has seen political leaders pushing for organisations to be more responsible.  CSR has also come a long way although it still tends to be seen separate rather than a synergistic part of what the organisation does.  Without the involvement of HR, CSR can be seen as PR.

Organisations and the wider society

Being involved with the wider community has benefits for both organisation leaders and society.

By being involved with working with communities an organisation’s leaders acquire value from understanding and making a difference and learning from others outside of their usual scope of knowledge.  Wider society benefits from the experience and passion of leaders really being involved, and people are engaged with a business in a proactive way.

Leaders often talk about wanting to get involved with helping a community, or setting up a project that helps others or doing more than just donate money to charities. The thing is it can be a bit daunting and it requires real leadership to get involved.

How are you going to do it?


Toby Buckle from HazelBranchAbout Author – Toby Buckle

Toby is a leadership development specialist who has a passion for helping people through coaching and training.

He founded Hazelbranch in 2007 and has worked with organisations as diverse as National Geographic, The 3663 Group, The Prison Service, The Muscular Dystophy Campaign as well as working with the leaders at PPS.

Toby also runs the social enterprise Leading The Change which delivers leadership skills that enable people to make change happen through community development. To find out more click here.

Toby donates his time to sit on interview panels for senior appointments at Great Ormond Street Hospital and advises Social Enterprises for the Business Community Partnership.

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