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The past six months has forced the care industry to review recruitment.  There are many examples of organisations who have seen rapid growth in recent years, whether as the result of merger & acquisition or pure organic growth.  As the businesses have grown the issue of talent acquisition has been pushed further down the agenda.  The result is that recruitment in many care organisations is often highly reactive and heavily reliant on costly recruitment agencies who have thrived in a market which has remained largely uncontrolled.

Many businesses have seen rapid growth

Many businesses have seen rapid growth in recent years.

Those with internal recruitment teams find that it requires a large and often costly headcount to simply manage the sheer volume of responses and applications received.  Little time is left for direct sourcing of talent and with care home managers often needing staff urgently there seems little alternative to recruitment agencies pushing to make a fee. Those who have negotiated ‘preferred’ rates with agencies are finding that the quality of talent has slipped because recruitment consultants are sending their best talent to those who will pay more.

Even organisations who profess to have locum banks admit that they are often out of date, difficult to navigate, time consuming and again we see managers turning to agency staff out of ‘ease’.

The industry is fast waking up to the fact that not only is time and money being wasted but perhaps, more importantly, that there could be serious legal implications to a lack of visibility and un-regulated recruitment processes owing to the Agency Worker Regulations.

Organisations need to take the administrative burden of recruitment away from home managers without diluting their decision making authority and allow them to concentrate on their main primary care duties.  It is also essential to implement a solution which does not simply manage the status quo but helps to deliver long term talent, reduce the number of agency workers and realise cost and VAT savings.

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- Amy Wyatt, Business Solutions Manager at PPS

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