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Applicant Tracking Systems within PPS

Monday, April 11th, 2011
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Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in their recruitment process to reduce time and paper work, and provide a more efficient service to their applicants.

What is an ATS?

An ATS is a software package which allows electronic handling in a recruitment environment.

At PPS we use our own in-house system (MORS). The advantage of this is that it can be adapted and grown to the needs of the company and our customers. This allows our software to grow with us and not hold us back.

An ATS is designed to provide a central location and database to store applicant’s details and resumes. Data can be collected through our online application forms or entered straight into the system. There it can be analysed and moved into folders for further actions. There is no limit to the functionality of an ATS and at PPS ours is constantly growing to improve the service we offer and the service our customers receive. An ATS can be set to automate a recruitment process via a specific workflow, this makes it easier to track an applicant and run reports.


Throughout the process of an application, the candidate is moved through folders depending on their status. Every change / addition that is made on the ATS software is tracked and recorded. This means that reports can be pulled for the client to see how we are performing and their applicants are progressing. They can simply show how many new applicants there were in a month or be more thorough and show a person’s complete workflow up until the end of their journey, be it offer, interview or regret, and reason why.

Talent Pool

Agency Module - Job List

The ATS can also be used as a talent pool. Many candidates applying for a job might not have the specific criteria for the role, but they might still be very skilled and beneficial for another role. The candidate’s details can then be moved into a talent pool section on the ATS. If another role becomes available a candidate in the talent pool might be ideal for the job and all their details will already be stored. A member of the recruitment team can call this candidate and inform them of the new role. If they are interested their details can then be moved into the role without having to fill in the whole application form again.

Agency Module - New Candidate FormNew Features

As previously mentioned PPS is constantly growing its own ATS. Our latest feature is the creation of the Agency Module for our Temporary managed service offering. The agency module is designed to make life easier for the recruitment agencies and their consultants. Jobs are posted on the Agency Module and the agencies can upload candidates they have that are suitable for the role, allowing for better selection, management of contracts, and the resource pool. The dashboard built into this module allows PPS and the client to monitor and review supplier performance, and allows the supplier to see how they are placed against competitors.


We are always looking for new ways to improve our system. If you have any suggestions then please let us know. If you were using an ATS, what would be the main feature you required?

Written by Lauren Roby, in charge of ATS design at recruitment process outsourcing company PPS.

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Can you predict the future?

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
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Target audiences of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) development

Software houses large and small have always touted that their product is the best, and that they have `THE solution` for you. However in the real world, the solutions they have are usually based on core models, which make assumptions about you and your process. They endeavour to `predict` what you are going to need and want. Some do it very well, others not so. However in doing so are they listening to you, or are they looking to get you onboard, and then `fix` their system to suit?

How much time and money is wasted every day on reformatting documents, entering data no one needs, double handling documents, filling out application forms or sending emails that get ignored? Not to mention the feature rich application software you have bought all that time ago only to find that nobody uses the features, and only one tenth of the software is being used.

Image of SMS on PPS ATS

SMS communication with multiple candidates

Our experience is that every client is as different and individual as every candidate. `Off the shelf ` packages serve a purpose, yes, but in reality, everyone is unique in one way or another. Therefore trying to apply a uniform process to recruitment is always going to have shortcomings.

By using a set of base packages and swapping in best fit modules or custom building to suit the process in each case allows for a rich offering in terms of MI, user experience, efficiency and ultimately cost.

ATS screen shot

Custom built ATS

However to get to the `best fit` we also believe that as a recruitment partner, we need to listen to your needs and requirements, not force or impose `software driven` restrictions on the way you work. In most cases, businesses have evolved their own best solutions to recruitment, they often know where the most appropriate candidates will come from and how to source them. For us it is a case of using this knowledge and enhancing it. Making the tool fit you, and not the other way round. For new businesses that are in need of support we use our industry knowledge to take that step with you, allowing you to develop and enhance your own brand recruitment strategy.

We can’t always predict the future, but we make sure you are equipped to deal with it however it turns out!

Written by Darren Edwards – IT manager at PPS

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