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Apprenticeships – online applications soar.

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
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Last quarter saw demand for apprenticeships soar as online applications were up 40 per cent.

According to National Apprentice Service (NAS) Almost 270,000 applications were made last quarter – and that surely packs a punch to prove that we are reverting back to the good old solid apprenticeship, with Business and Administration being the favoured role.

Here at PPS, we think that apprenticeships are an excellent resource, allowing young people to further their development in a working environment, as well as proving to be a great fresh and inspiring influence on stale work places.

Due to the influx in applications, NAS has created a new mobile phone application called ‘AV Search’, which allows users to comprehensively search for apprenticeships.

Will your business be utilising this resource? Comment and share.

yammaWritten by Hannah Adkins, Marketing Executive at PPS Works. 

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Job Applications – What is a good response to candidates?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
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The economic recession has of course had a major impact upon the area of employment. The number of people applying for jobs has increased dramatically, making the whole application process even more competitive than ever before.

Job Applications – What is a good response to candidates?

Due to the increased amount of applications employers are receiving, it appears many companies are struggling to review the applications and respond accordingly, with some companies not providing a response to job applications at all! Is this really fair or reasonable?

A study of 1,600 jobseekers conducted by SHL, discovered that the biggest issue for candidates was being ignored by employers following applications. Nearly half of respondents stated that not being told if they had been successful was their top concern, followed by 39 per cent stating they found a lack of feedback on applications frustrating. A further 36 per cent were concerned that companies did not even provide an acknowledgement for their applications.

How hard can it be to let an applicant know that you have received their CV? Read more here…

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