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How mobiles can better your recruitment

Friday, April 18th, 2014
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Who has looked at their phone in the last half an hour?

You? You? Oh, and…you?

Yes, you are not alone; me too. In fact, it was probably more like three minutes ago.

However you feel about people’s reliance on technology, mobile phones are now of paramount importance to daily life. Mobile use has exploded; I personally now have a better computer in my hand than on my desk.

The use of mobiles means that there is a moving audience of millions searching the internet on their commutes or breaks. So, why not use this for the advantage of recruitment?

Here are 4 ways that the mobile can transform recruitment for both the employee and the employer:

Enhance your company reputation

If you are looking at increasing the number of passive candidates who apply, create a mobile website. A well thought out, easy to comprehend mobile website will reach those who are biting at chunks of information whilst working at another job. No one wants to apply for the company who appears ‘backward’ online. Create something that encourages viewing.

Reach the busiest of candidates

Your candidate has a job. He/she has a family. When do they have time to trawl through your site on their computers?

They don’t. Make it simple for them and optimise your website for mobile use so that they have the ability to look at the benefits of working for you on the go.

Video interviewing made easy

We have recently adapted many of our recruitment processes to include video interviewing, which improves the candidate and employer experience in a variety of ways. Employers can view these videos at any time with the use of a mobile optimised site – meaning that they do not have to be in the office to keep up with applications.

Integration with social media

Over 70% of smart phone users look at social media daily. A mobile optimised site is just the beginning. Make sure that you create a company Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to attract candidates who are not even actively looking on your site.

Mobile recruitment is very exciting. Through the use of videos, social media and optimised websites, you can reach an audience that may never have accessed your website via a computer.  So long to the whirring of the formidable desktop, viva la mobile!

How do you use mobile recruitment? What impact has it had on your recruitment?

yammaWritten by Hannah Adkins, aspiring author and guest blogger for PPS.

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Smartphone applications – do they have a place in recruitment?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
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From blackberries to iPhones, to HTCs and Samsung Galaxys, with a smartphone to suit every type of user it is no surprise that recent figures indicate sales of smartphones have shot up by 75% worldwide.

Their applications, better known as ‘apps’, have been working their magic on many industries – you can now check your balance using your smartphone, or do your weekly shop or spend hours on end helping out a bunch of birds that seem to be quite angry about something.

Could smartphones be a staple of the future of recruitment?

Could smartphones be a staple of the future of recruitment?

For many services and products, having a custom-made app makes sense. It makes the customer experience easier, faster and efficient. Companies also benefit. Apps can be marketing tools to broaden customer base and build consumer loyalty, as well as doubling up as an office away from the office.

So could the smartphone and its applications do the same within the recruitment industry?

Online job boards have seen a 1500% increase in traffic from mobile devices since 2010. With peaks of job searching activity in line with the morning commute and late evening slumber, it seems that going mobile allows job seekers to search for longer throughout the day. Furthermore, Jobsite accounts that 9% of all mobile traffic ends in people actually applying for a role, with 5% of all of the applications it receives coming from mobiles.

With numerous people using their smartphone to follow job boards, search for the latest vacancies and apply, can recruiters get in on the action?

Firstly, recruiters can use apps to attract candidates. Video clips are a great way of advertising a vacancy, and a creative approach to standing out from the crowd. Downloading the official apps from Social Media’s ‘Big 3’ allow you to source and check out potential and passive candidates on the go.

Using mobile technology can assist in simplifying the screening process too. Apps such as the Hire Syndicate and Auto Search enable recruiters to collaborate with fellow recruiters and scour multiple websites using simple Boolean search strings. Candidates are able to submit their CVs to recruiters, which are then stored on a database for easy viewing and screening. Companies such as PepsiCo have created their own career app that gives prospective applicants the opportunity to get a feel for the company before they apply.

Whilst research does suggest that shunning mobile technology within recruitment may affect the amount of talent attracted, there still seems to be a long way to go before the handy Smartphone and its apps become a staple recruitment tool.

What are your thoughts? Do  smartphones and their applications have a place in recruitment? Comment and share!

Written by Bavinder Chahal, a recruiter at PPS

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