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The future of recruitment?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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The world of recruitment is ever-changing. With tough times in today’s employment market, job-seekers and employers are often both on the hunt for the ‘perfect fit’ for many months. With employers beginning to introduce alternative and innovative ways to recruit future leaders into their businesses, what does the future of recruitment look like for those seeking employment?

One recent trend is the video resume. Job applicants are choosing to record themselves discussing their qualifications and sending their video to employers instead of or as a compliment to a traditional paper resume.  Recording a video resume allows you make a human connection with a hiring manager before you have even been invited in for an interview. 

And in today’s tough job market, adding a personal touch to your skills and capabilities is an important way of distinguishing yourself from the competition. Businesses are also tapping into this new venture. A company called ‘Meet the Real ME’ is looking to put 28 video booths into 28 UK Universities for students to make their videos for employers. The video resume however, may not work as well for some professional services such as accountancy or banking as it would for creative industries such as marketing or web design. Consequently, there may still be a few years before it becomes a regular part of the recruitment process.

Twitter and Facebook are becoming more and more popular outlets to engage with your potential future employer. For candidates in the selection processes for companies such as Halfords or Reckitt Benckiser can receive updates and tips on how their graduate programmes are progressing.

It is not only the sourcing aspect of the recruitment process that is undergoing a change. One of our clients is just about to embark on a campaign for 27 graduates and as part of the process on their assessment day they will be asking candidates to do a short 3 minute recorded presentation on themselves as to why they are the best person for the job. The presentations will then be watched by all the assessors on the day as part of the selection process.

So the recruitment world is changing and gathering momentum, it’s becoming more interactive, there’s a greater focus on the ‘social’ side of a recruitment process. So when applying for jobs, take a moment to consider the changes in the world of recruitment. How can you use these changes to your advantage? How can you make your application stand out? How can you make the most of the information available?

By Bernie Doody, Key Accounts Director at PPS.

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