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How to Hire your own ‘Gareth Bale’

Friday, September 6th, 2013
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This week has been record breaking for football in more ways than one.Transfer deadline

Bale’s transfer to Madrid for an astounding £86 million was all over the headlines; transfer fees in general were an eye watering amount – over 600 million in total from all of the Barclay’s Premier League clubs.

Which begs the question – was it all worth it?

Candidates who have the potential to contribute such a huge amount will always make the recruitment process worthwhile. Your company may not have Real Madrid’s capacity to offer their own star candidate, or ”their Gareth Bale”, £200,000 a week wages. But a smooth recruitment process can certainly add to the attraction of a candidate to make their dream move.

Some of the transfers failed because they did not meet the 11 pm deadline. Poor communication, team work and a rushed recruitment process means that some teams missed out on those players that could have meant the difference between them reaching the highs of winning trophies or the threat of relegation and the financial implications that may bring.

Using an RPO service means that you will rarely miss out on a candidate. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be like Hull, who missed out Shane Long after he flew from his Ireland training camp to sign on the dotted line – only to be dragged back by his former employer West Brom due to a lack of communication from both sides!

With several of our clients, we have reduced their time to hire astronomically, and continue to do so through streamlining the process even further. Our communication to both candidates and hiring managers, including ‘good luck’ texts, consultation calls and “hints and tips”, means that candidates and managers alike are fully aware of the stages of the recruitment process at any given stage – making sure that the best applicants do not fall through the net.

Finally, most teams recruit for their future. It is not something which will create instantaneous results – some players take a season to fully establish themselves in their new team. The EPPP, the Elite Player Performance Plan, has been conceived by the Barclay’s Premiere League and devised by Ged Roddy, the Premiere League’s Director of Youth. Youth development is at the EPPP’s core and they have thrown £340m into giving young players more of a fighting chance, such as increasing the amount of contact hours with managers and trainers.

Like the EPPP, PPS understand the importance of recruiting young, fresh minds. Recruiting apprenticeships, graduates and Industrial Placements into your business is an investment into the future of your company. Youth development takes time, but the benefits are broad and impressive.

So, although your recruitment process may not make the headlines – make sure it was a worthwhile investment.

yammaWritten by Hannah Adkins, Marketing Executive at PPS

Edited by Chris Ellis, Account Co-ordinator

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Recruitment process outsourcing ups the value of HR

Thursday, August 29th, 2013
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Although the news may be full of unemployment statistics, in the present economic downturn, your HR department is under pressure.rop

Recruiting new staff for your business could become increasingly difficult as application numbers rise and candidates who are unsuitable for the position will cascade into HR’s inbox.  According to Ron LeVan, this complicated and lengthens the recruitment process making it more stressful and costly.

Where does RPO come into this?

Outsourcing your recruitment is a fantastic option if your company want to relieve the pressure of the economic downturn. Invariably, your organisation wants to focus on what is does best – providing its service or products.

An RPO company will do exactly what it does best – sourcing and screening the best staff possible for you.

Through detailed consultations with your company and industry specific specialist knowledge, RPO companies like PPS know what to look for in a candidate. The majority of times, RPO providers increase the quality of candidates, sourcing them through efficient traditional and modern methods, as well as reducing time to hire and overall recruitment costs.

At PPS we have specialist applicant tracking systems which deal with potentially thousands of application forms with ease. We know where and how to source candidates – from Apprentices to Senior Directors.

For more information about our RPO services, check out our website.

yammaWritten by Hannah Adkins, Marketing Executive at PPS

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‘I want to feel the love!’ Candidate experience in recruitment.

Friday, May 24th, 2013
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What communication do you send to your candidates when they apply for a job with you?

Job search

How do you treat your applicants?

Are you proud to boast that they represent your organisation in a great light, and give applicants a great experience of your employer brand?

Often your candidates are also your customers, yet for many organisations they are not afforded the same consideration as a customer would, and we’re not sure why.

We often hear that the ‘volume of applications doesn’t allow us to respond to every applicant – we don’t have time’. Yet organisations expect candidates to take time out of their busy lives to fill in applications forms and answer questions, so these people can be left deflated by the experience and with a negative impression.


Here at PPS we carefully manage our client’s employer brand by ensuring that ALL candidates receive communications at every step of the recruitment process. We really don’t think it’s hard to do this, our systems are automated on candidate sifting to send the appropriate email or text, however, the communications that do go out are personalised and provide either a thank you or update to those candidates who do apply.

We survey applicants and ask about their recruitment experiences – we want to ensure that we exceed their expectations from a recruitment team.

Here’s the feedback we have received:

“I have been amazed by the application process and how friendly the staff have been, setting a very high bar on what to expect from the brand. If this is just the start I cannot wait to see what working for you is like”

“The whole process throughout has been very simple and has been organised with great thought and depth. It just shows how much COMPANY puts into the recruitment process”

“I had regular contact from the recruitment team. I knew exactly where I stood at each stage of the process”

Regular contact was received and made me feel that the COMPANY realty were interested in my application”


debsWritten by Debs Edmondson, Major Accounts Director at PPS Works.

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The Best Recruitment Articles This week

Friday, November 9th, 2012
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PPS have been searching the internet for the best recruitment articles of the past week and we’ve decided to share our top five with our blog readers.

What a week it has been! The web has been brimming with news that impacts our nation, such as these following delights:

Hot news and recruitment tips from the world wide web.

  •  Marks and Spencer’s have not just had any profit drop, they’ve had a M&S mighty 9.7% drop in profits;

As far as a standard Autumnal week goes, I’d say this one has been fairly impressive.

In regards to the recruitment world, news has also been coming in thick and fast over the past seven days. Here are the five best recruitment articles we’ve come across – and not one of them is hedgehog related, I promise:

NHS Recruitment News:

  • This article echoes the importance of workforce morale in the NHS. In the health service “value walks on two legs”: NHS Recruitment.

Scare Yourself into Better Recruitment Policies:  

For You And Your Company:  

What Really Does Make a Good Recruitment Team?

What Do Moby Dick and RPO Have in Common?

  • To celebrate the 161st anniversary of Melville’s classic novel, Pinstripe Talent posted this interesting article: Call Me Ishmael RPO.

Keep checking the PPS blog for the next update of the best recruitment articles.

Written by Hannah Adkins, Marketing Executive at PPS Works.

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Recruitment and RPO: What? When? How? Why?

Friday, October 5th, 2012
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Dave Beesley, an Account Manager within our social care and housing division, looks at some frequently asked questions answered by PPS.

At PPS we get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis. Finding a solution is right up our street. It’s the passion for what we do and the enthusiasm to help our clients which means we love being asked questions.

So the first(ish) question. What’s the aim of my blog entry? Well hopefully I’ll answer some of your recruitment based questions. Maybe you’re a client already utilising PPS’ expertise, or maybe you have recently struggled to recruit without an RPO provider. Maybe you’re a little bit curious and want to find out what us recruiters get up to on a daily basis. Whoever you may be, I hope some of these Q&A’s are of use to you.

1.       What makes PPS different to an agency?

We love this question, and we get asked it a lot – probably because we are so different to the traditional recruitment

PPS are not a Recruitment Agency

agency. PPS recruitment process outsourcing acts as an extension toyour HR function, branded as your organisation. We don’t register candidates, and we don’t share candidates between clients. Your candidates are attracted to you as a brand, and we respect that.

We don’t charge you a set fee for a placement, but instead transactionally based on the work we do. Long gone are the days of expensive fees based on a %age of the salary. We believe that the work we do should be consistently flawless and consistently affordable, whether we’re recruiting for a Sales Assistant or a Sales Director.

Every candidate is taken through a seamless and professional process, and is communicated with regularly. And the result? Candidates who genuinely feel valued. And we know this because we ask them for feedback.

2.       How do you ensure my organisation’s brand is positively represented?

With the right recruitment partner, outsourcing won’t be a daunting prospect. Not only do PPS strive to uphold your brand and reputation, we aim to enhance it.

Exceptional customer service and ongoing communication are key elements of this process. Our expert recruiters are trained and well-equipped to ensure candidates are provided with outstanding recruitment experiences. From advice on how to prepare for an interview to good luck texts on the day of their visit, we ensure candidates are supported from the second that they apply to the end of their recruitment journey.

We live and breathe your values and mirror your culture. We attend your inductions and training, and we make sure we know you inside out. We make sure candidates hear back from us whether they are successful or not.

3.       What information do you need from me in order to fill my vacancy?

What information do PPS need to fill a vacancy?

The job description and person specification have long been in existence. Don’t get me wrong – they do their job, and I

wouldn’t recruit without them. They do however in my opinion, fail to provide an all-rounded account of the role itself. They often become long-winded documents of jargon that are difficult to make sense of.

We recognise that recruitment is a small part of your job (that’s our job after all). PPS encourage recruiting managers to spend a small amount of time at the start of a campaign to explain what they are and aren’t looking for. We don’t need hours with you. A 15 – 20 minute conversation to discuss the role itself, the department where the successor will be working within, and the challenges they’ll face in role, allows us to do the best for you. Ultimately it delivers a perfect candidate.

By speaking to us about your requirement, you’re more likely to recruit a real star. You will avoid placing the wrong person and having to recruit all over again. So please – tell your recruiter exactly what it is you do (and don’t) need!

4. Can you find me a temporary member of staff for today?

PPS don’t register candidates but that doesn’t mean we can’t find you a quality temporary worker. We can – and fast too. Our managed services division makes use of the best agencies out there.

Let us manage your PSL (preferred supplier list), and we make sure you’re sent quality temps, on the same day if needed. You’ll be comforted in knowing that all agencies are signed up to the same agreement and fees. Right to work documents and references are checked and are on file with the agency.

A neutral vendor agreement gives the agencies an equal chance of placement. No agency takes precedence. For you, this means that every agency is motivated to provide you with the best candidates. Worried about recent legislation changes? PPS carefully manage the assignment length which means you’ll know when your temp is affected by AWR (agency worker regulations).

5. Should I advertise, and what can I do to attract the right candidates?

Attract the right candidates

Advertising is brilliant at getting your brand and presence out there. These days, you don’t need to spend a fortune on

outdated advertising means such as press adverts. Instead, ask your recruiter about online advertising with reputable job boards. Team this with direct sourcing methods which capture passive job seekers, and you’ll be on to a winner.

PPS guide you in the right direction on advertising and attraction. We know where best to invest in the range of options available. And it doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

Social media is an absolute must when recruiting. In most cases these prevalent networks are a free tool to get your vacancies in front of the masses. It will assist you in building your presence as a reputable employer.

When using Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to interact with your followers. Don’t fall into the trap of over-tweeting and over-posting status updates about latest vacancies.  Proudly boast about company news and updates. Shout about your team’s personality and uniqueness. Fail to do this, and you’ll witness dwindling follower numbers, and ‘likes’ will be retracted.

Written by Dave Beesley, Account Manager at PPS Works

Watch this space for the next five FAQ’s of recruitment – soon to be published!

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What makes a good recruitment partner?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
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In today’s environment it is not enough to simply offer a “good” service to clients. The war for business is on, and that is part of the reason why here at PPS we are committed to providing an unrivalled service to our recruitment partners. This blog will detail what our idea of an outstanding recruitment partner looks like and how we implement this on a day to day basis.

  • Securing your brand – we ensure all candidates that apply to roles for any of our clients are acknowledged within 48 hours of receiving their applications. We also ensure that every single candidate has an outcome within 7 days. It is known that when candidates go through a poor recruitment process, it can have a detrimental effect on an organisation’s brand. In a recent survey conducted by SHL, 18% of candidates said that their recruitment experience had been so bad that it had stopped them doing business with the company as a result – a figure that rose to 28% for those aged 25 to 34.
  • Sophisticated assessment – matching skills on a CV and having a brief chat with an applicant is never enough, yet this is exactly the service that many clients pay recruitment agencies thousands of pounds for. At PPS we assess an applicant’s behaviours, competencies and cultural fit using our own, proven assessment process. The outcome is a very short-list of applicants who are all a close fit to our client requirements.
  • Retention – Recruitment is only part of the story. The PPS assessment process isn’t designed just to find the right fit for the interview process, or the first few weeks of the job. Our aim is to significantly reduce turnover at the organisations that we recruit for, by ensuring that the candidates that we recruit will add value for a long time to come.
  • Drive – at PPS we are enthusiastic about the roles we play as recruiters rather than salesmen. Unlike typical recruitment agencies, we are not targeted and we do not receive commission for placements. We are therefore extremely honest with our clients and only send over candidates who we genuinely feel would be an asset and perform well in the job in question. We hold a genuine interest in the success of our clients’ business and we enforce this by providing them with only the best candidates in the field.
  • Reliability and commitment – PPS value the business of our clients and to prove this we act as a reliable and committed recruitment partner. We have SLAs in place to ensure we get back to our clients within certain timeframes and we commit to being on call to our clients whenever they need us. We go out of our way to get the work done and if this means working extra hours, taking time out of our evening to speak to candidates then we are more than willing to do so.
  • Know the industry and specialisms, embrace the culture of the organisation and keep abreast of changes – to ensure we are acting as responsible representatives we embrace our clients’ business and do all we can to keep up with current changes in their industry and organisation. We like to spend time networking with other HR professionals and other people in the industry to find out about developments in our clients’ field, finding out about movements in similar companies and meeting with potential leads or candidates. During the initial stages of the partnership we endeavor to spend as much time with recruiting managers as possible and will visit their premises regularly throughout the partnership to ensure we keep abreast of any organisational changes.

Recruitment is a competitive world. At PPS we ensure that we maintain our competitive edge, so that in recruiting, you can keep yours.

By Kate Harris – Account Manager at Recruitment Process Outsourcer PPS

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